The History of Our Long Fist Family

In the introduction, there is a brief description of our martial art family's history. Here, I would like to add more details about our lineage. I'll add more as I go along.

I'll start with my grand teacher, Han Qing-Tang, 1900 - 1976. Grand teacher Han was born in Sang Dong province, China, 1900. He practiced Long Fist in Sang Dong with several famous teachers. The styles he learned were northern Shaolin Long Fist family. When the Chinese government founded Central Chinese Martial Art Institute, Chung Yiang Guo Shu Guang, in Nang-Jing, he decided to apply for further study. The institute was established in 1928 to be the highest Chinese martial art institute. Many famous masters in Taiwan and Mainland China were graduated from the institute. He was so good that he also worked as a teaching assistant when the institute accepted him.

The institute hired many famous teachers with many styles like Xing-Yi, Ba-Gua, Tai-Chi, and Long Fist. While my grand teacher was studied in the institute, he started re-organizing and researching his Chin-Na Shu, the grabbing and locking technique. He practiced so hard that he graduated as highest rank among the first year students. After he graduated, he was hired by Hang Zhou Police Academy as martial art coach. Later he worked as martial art coach in Chinese Central Intelligence Agency. When the government moved to Taiwan, he worked as martial art coach in Central Police Academy until he retired.

Grand teacher Han was not only good at Long Fist, he also famous for his Shuai-Chiao, Chin-Na, Tai-Chi, and many weapons. In the police academy, he taught officers Chin-Na and Shuai-Chiao. Tai-Chi was another specialty of his. He learned Yang's Tai-Chi in the institute when Tai-Chi master Yang, Chen-Pu was teaching there. He was not only good at martial art, he also a very good to his friends. When another famous Shuai-Chiao master Chang Dong-Shen came to Taiwan, grand teacher Han let him stayed at his house, and gave his Shuai-Chiao class to master Chang. Master Chang was also graduated from the institute after my grand teacher. Besides working in the academy, He was very involved in the promotion of martial art in Taiwan. In Taiwan, he has trained many good students and started many martial art clubs in universities and high schools. When I was in high school, he established almost all the universities and high schools that have Chinese martial art clubs. And, his senior students taught most of the clubs.

My teacher, Jiang Chang-Gen, was born in Zhe-Jiang province, 1928. He started practicing martial art when he was 9 year old. The styles he practiced were southern shaolin system. Since Zhe-Jiang province is in the southern region of China, most of the people were practicing southern shaolin. His family would hire famous teachers around the area to teach him. With his practice and good teachers, my teacher became a young famous martial artist in his hometown.

In 1944, with the invasion of Japan military, Japanese soldier captured my teacher and his village people. After 3 months, he saw a chance and escaped from the capture and joined Chinese army. While traveling with the military, he did not stop learning martial art. Wherever he went, he always tried to visit local martial art masters. In that period, he learned many styles like Lio-He (Six Harmony), Luo-Han, Di-Tang, Yian-Ching. He tried all kind of methods to learn what he liked. He would pay to learn, or trade what he had learned, or even fight to learn. Later he studied under a famous Hong Jia master, Wang Cheng-Jun. Hong Jia, Hong family, is a southern shaolin family and was popular in Yang Zi river area of China. It is a southern shaolin with the northern shaolin practicing. My teacher studied under master Wang for several years. This is the first time he learned a complete system from a master. In my teacher's heart, Master Wang was his first formal teacher.

In 1950, my teacher came to Taiwan with the government and worked as a police. He changed several positions and later worked in the police academy. In 1951, he saw my grand teacher teaching northern shaolin in the academy and decided to study under my grand teacher. He then became my grand teacher's senior student and followed my grand teacher teaching everywhere. Later, he was introduced to famous Seven Star Mantis master, Iron Arm, Wang, Song-Ting, through my grand teacher. Master Wang was very famous in San Dong Province where Seven Star mantis was originated. His student covered the whole coastal area of San Dong province. Master Wang was a good friend of my grand teacher. They met before my grand teacher went to the institute. From then on, my teacher practiced both Long Fist and Seven Star Mantis.

In 1950 - 1970, there were several famous masters came to Taiwan with the government. Most of them were practicing northern shaolin styles. On the contrary, most of Taiwan local martial artists were practicing southern shaolin. Since my teacher has southern shaolin background, he got along very well with many Taiwanese martial art masters. Soon, my teacher was involved in the tournament and became referees for several decades. Now, he is training and coaching young referees in Taiwan. He is not only our good teacher, but also a well-respected teacher in the Chinese martial art society in Taiwan.

In 1971, I went to high school and started learning Long Fist. I was pretty weak physically in the beginning. After three years of his training, I was much confident about my skills and physical status. When I went to college, I started following him teaching everywhere. At one time, I was following him teaching seven places every week. Teaching in the martial art clubs in schools did not offer much money, but my teacher never complained. As long as the students were willing to learn, he would be very happy to teach. One of quality that my teacher has is the diversity of styles and the number of the sets he knows. Long Fist is our major practice, but we also learned many different styles. He knows many exotic ancient Chinese weapons now are almost extinct.

I'm very fortunate to have two good families. One is my own family, my mom, my brother and sister, a wonderful wife, and a sweet boy. The other is the Long Fist family from my teacher. Now, my son is practicing Long Fist with me. I hope he can have the same two wonderful families like I have.

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